Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Work of Our Members: Week 3

An update from our wonderful and talented group of collage artists...
Looks like everyone has been very busy!! Keep the creative juices flowing! :)

This is a bright and colorful collage of mixed media from gutsche.etsy.com. It is titled "Imagine" and very well titled I must add. It is thought-provoking and does make you imagine and escape into a world of beauty. One thing that I really like about it are the different textures and layers. What does everyone else think? Nice work!
This is a glicee three print set of original mixed media collage and paintings. It makes me think of interior design. Stephanie, are you an interior designer? I love the freshness and crispness these prints convey. They would make a lovely addition to any 'green' family because it also makes me think of plants, fruits and vegetables. Just an idea....
Beautiful! Thanks Stephanie!